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About the Author

I was born and bred in the moonshining heartland of rural Virginia. In and of itself, this isn't a thing of note, but it's a beginning and that's where everything has to start. My early literary passions tended to the horrific and macabre, but as I grew up and left those mountain roads behind, my tastes found themselves evolving. I still have a penchant for the dark, but that darkness is more often found not in tales of monsters and ghosts, but in the little horrors of our daily lives.

If my novels could be said to have a theme or genre of their own, it would be the exploration of the underlying philosophy of the mundane tragedy of existence. The bittersweet moments that bring us so much pleasure and pain.


My debut novel, Vidu, was born out of innumerable twenty-something nights. It's a blunt story of isolation in modern times. The themes tend towards the horrific as our protagonist tries to reclaim a past that's seemingly come back to haunt him. For a wild, often-explicit take on the tragedy of being, look no further.


(Desolation #1)

The second novel in my Desolation series, Rend, is an exploration of personal evolution against the brutality of society. It is a continuance some years after the conclusion of Vidu, and presents a world where love and hate and rage and patience are as jumbled externally as we experience them internally.


(Desolation #2)

The third novel in my Desolation series, and a huge departure from the tone and style of its predecessors. Shoreline is a tale of nihilistic endurance; of making yourself an island and refusing to let the seas erode your resolve. A story of hopelessness, loss, lust, and finding a way to continue on your path as the world burns down around you.


(Desolation #3)

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